Features / API

The API is a full-control set of programming interfaces that allow you and your Resellers to develop your own Website and Control Panels and integrate them into our system.

The API is -

  • Comprehensive - Every function of our system is exposed via the API. You can duplicate any or all of the functionality at your end by integrating into the API
  • Easy to use with ready-made client side kits - The API comes with a specification, client side kits, sample forms, sample code and complete documentation. Integrating with the API is a breeze
  • Standards Based - The API is based on SOAP/WSDL
  • Platform Independent - Client side kits are available in PHP, Perl, ASP.NET and Java. Additionally since the protocol is standards-based, the API is truly platform independent.
  • Secure & Scalable - Monitoring systems prevent API abuse and any Denial of Service attacks on the API servers. The API is scalable and secure